Architectural Millwork

Zanetti Architectural Millwork has an excellent reputation due to the quality of our work. We really pride ourselves on building casework and millwork that is not only well constructed but beautiful to look at.

When building a piece of wood casework, a great deal of care is taken into selecting the wood an veneered panels. We will match the wood from door to door, selecting the grain and color, veneered panels are center balance matched within the stiles and rails, so when completed your eye will flow smoothly across the finished work. Doors and drawers are fit properly so they work perfectly.

It is not just wood working projects that get special attention. We believe that no matter what we are building we should build it to the best of our abilities using the correct materials for the job and proper construction techniques.

Another one of our strengths is our ability to organize our portion of a job. We will meet with the owner or contractor to discuss the scope of work. If required, we are capable of designing and engineering the work so that it can be incorporated into the overall project. We will field measure, generate shop drawings and fabricate the work in such a way that it can be shop built, knocked down and finished, then delivered to the job site where it can be reassembled, thus eliminating extra field work by the owner or contractor.

Some of our commercial clients include: The Adirondack Trust Co., Stewart’s Shops, Skidmore College, The Ayco Co., Northern Dean, and Bimbo Bakeries. We have also worked for many local businesses and private homes.