Clamp Clips

clamp-clip-diagramThe Clamp Clip is made of rigid PVC and is designed as a spacer between the wood and the bar of the clamp. The Clamp Clip will center 3/4″ stock within the clamp jaws for even pressure distribution. The Clamp Clip can be drilled and screwed to a work bench, saw horses, or wood blocks to create a stable clamping surface for 3/4″ pipe clamps. The Clamp Clip can be easily cleaned, is reusable, and durable. Available in bulk packages of 20, 60, or 100 pieces.


  • Centering 3/4″ stock within clamp pressure
  • Protect wood against water and glue stains
  • Edge gluing
  • Stile and rail doors
  • Gluing up cabinets
  • Stabilizes clamps
  • Can be drilled and screwed to work surface